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27 August 2015 @ 05:58 am
Go Fund Me for a New Heater  
Hey all Supernatural fans (and any other fandom I love, like Merlin, BtVS, LoTR, etc.)!  I'm raising money to buy a heater for our house for the winter.  Here are the details:

Hello, my name is Jennifer Teaford and I'm trying to raise money for a new heater we need to have installed in our house.  My grandmother is 88 years old, and while I might be able to wait out the winter with a space heater, she definitely can't.

Our money situation is tight.  I live with my mother and grandmother.  I am on a fixed income due to disability and my grandmother only gets her $900/month social security check.  We buy all the groceries in the house and pay a couple of bills.  My mother has a full time job, but can barely keep her head above water with all the bills we have and is already 2 months behind on her mortgage.

My grandmother and I have been trying to save money for the heater ourselves because my mother can't contribute and so far we only have $500... and winter is creeping up fast.

We got a quote for a heater and installation for $7500, and that's the cheapest we can get it.  Any help at all would be appreciative as every dollar counts.

Thank you to every donor in advance because we really need your help!

The link to donate is here:  gofundme.com/a42qw2qk

I thank you in advance for any help you can give to us, as we are in a desperate situation right now.

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