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20 June 2036 @ 06:43 pm

This journal is friends only. I like Halsey (obviously), Supernatural, Merlin, BtVS, and many other things.  I tend to rant (especially when I can't sleep), but all is good.  Read my profile page for more information.  If you want to friend me, just do!  I'll get the notification :)  I like when people comment on here are well though.

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24 July 2026 @ 07:49 pm
18 February 2019 @ 12:11 pm
Here is art I did for a Dean Winchester Big Bang

Title: Abandoned Hope
Author: jdl71
Artist: gotaprettymouth (formerly be_my_precious)
Rating: Explicit
Pairings: Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester
Tags/Warnings: sibling incest ,incest, hurt/comfort, angst, emotional hurt/comfort, misunderstandings, childbirth, mpreg, Top Sam Winchester, Bottom Dean Winchester, Alternate Universe
Summary: Dean discovers something shocking about himself. A misunderstanding happens between himself and Sam, seeming to devastate Dean. Without seeing a way around the situation, Dean leaves Sam without a word. Can Dean deal with everything on his own?

more artCollapse )

Link to fic:  AO3
11 February 2019 @ 04:56 pm
Done for the Dean Winchester Big Bang

Title: Mírë
Author: blackrose_17
Artist: gotaprettymouth (formerly be_my_precious)
Rating: Teen
Pairings: Dean/Sam, Castiel/Meg, Benny/Max, Eileen/Alicia, Rowena/Clea, Mick/Ketch, Dean & Sam & Jack, past Lucifer/Sam, past Dean/Cassie
Length: 11,725
Warnings/Tags: Past abuse, non-related Sam and Dean
Summary: Dean Winchester had an okay life as sheriff of Sioux Falls, sure his love life was a little slow but that was fine with him then everything changed the day Sam Wesson and his son Jack and friends moved into the empty Wesson Manor. Dean finds his world changed as he is drawn to the single father and his young son and his life is changed as his eyes opened to the fact magic is real and Sam is being hunted by someone who refuses to let him go. Dean will do whatever it takes to protect his new family.

more artCollapse )
Link to fic: LJ | DW | AO3

Title: World Without Pity

Author: tammyrenh

Artist: gotaprettymouth (previously be_my_precious)

Pairing: Sam/Dean

Word count: 17,380

Rating: Explicit

Artist's note:  manip used in the last piece is done by decisivelychallenged on tumblr here

Summary:  Canon divergence beginning with the start of "Born Again Identity". As a result of the car hitting him Sam has a broken arm, and instead of finding Cas, Dean breaks Sam out of the hospital. Dean takes Sam to a remote cabin (where there is only one bed cause - well - just cause) and where Sam deals with a lack of sleep, intense pain from his broken arm, and his visions of Lucifer. By accident, Sam discovers that Dean's touch causes Lucifer to vanish, albeit temporarily. However, constant touching causes other issues to develop between the brothers, and their relationship takes a turn neither may be prepared for.

more artCollapse )
Link to fic:  AO3
29 November 2018 @ 10:35 pm
This art was done for the j2_reversebang

Title:  These Real and Vivid Dreams
Author: wincest_whore
Artist: gotaprettymouth
Rating:  NC-17
Warnings:  drug use, character death(s), suicide, no happy ending
Word Count: 26,410
Summary:  After losing his husband in a tragic car accident, Jensen spirals down a sark path. Will his friends be able to pull him back from this road? Or will he succumb to his darkk impulses?
Artist notes:  I had SO much un working with wincest_whore on this!  She really took my vision I had for my art and made it come alive.  She is an amazing writer and I really encourage you to read her fic!
Link to Fic: LJ Masterpost

more artCollapse )
26 November 2018 @ 05:19 pm
Art post for spn_reversebang

Title:  Nighthawks Soaring the Skies
Author: sepherim_ml
Artist:  gotaprettymouth
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: none
Summary: Castiel has not built any human relationship since he moved to town, he seldom talks, his colleagues never invite him out for a drink and his only family is an estranged brother. Then, one fateful rainy day, Castiel meets a lonely stranger in a diner.

Link to Fic:  AO3

07 November 2018 @ 09:05 am
Title:Something in the Fog
Author: MalMuses
Artist: gotaprettymouth
Rating: NC-17

Finally settling into some semblance of normalcy after Cas comes back from the Empty, Sam finds a case up in New England. In one historic town, people are losing their minds and drowning themselves in a nearby river.

Sam and Dean set off alone, only to quickly call Cas to their aid when they realize that the unnerving town of Dunwich is hiding far more than your average witch or ghoul.

Drawn into investigating a cult that worships a being far beyond their comprehension, Team Free Will doesn’t understand quite how much danger they are in...

Artist notes:  I had the pleasure to work with the AMAZING MalMuses on this.  I had so much fun making this art for her, and you definitely have to red the story!  Also, the last piece of art has a manip from sarenX on supernaturally-shameless.tumblr.com
Story Link:  AO3

the rest of the artCollapse )
06 November 2018 @ 08:02 am

Title:  Blood in His Hands
Author: sepherim_ml
Artist: gotaprettymouth
Art Rating:PG-13
Story Rating:NC-17
Artists note:  This is for the SPNRB 2018.
Link to Fic:  AO3

Original Art:
21 June 2018 @ 07:02 pm
Title: Just Ghosts
Author: excoyote
Artist: be_my_precious
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Dean Winchester/Sam Winchester
Summary: Sam is brought back from hell broken into parts, memory gone, and fragile. He and Dean recuperate at Bobby's, and Dean teaches Sam how to be Sam. Having no memory is frustrating, and with a weak body, too, Sam finds himself leaning on Dean more and more. Something is wrongDean is conversing with Sam in a language Sam doesn't speak, pining after something they had that Sam doesn't have a name for. Sam's memories lurk around every corner, surprising him at random. He discovers an entire part of his identity, a happy, self-assured woman, has been deleted from his memory, locked behind The Wall due to a dangerous connection to Hell, and Dean was desperately in love with her. Sam struggles to come to terms with his identity and takes terrifying dips in icy Hell memories, watching herself get torn apart, but never him. Only her, until her very core was wrapped with the devil's, with pain. Despite the inevitable danger, Sam tries to make himself whole again, falling in love with Dean and descending deeper into the rabbit hole.
Artist's note: It was such a pleasure working with excoyote on this.  He has brought forth an amazing piece of fiction that not only touched my heart, but resonated deeply in my soul.  Thank you so much for letting me bring this story to life!

art under cutCollapse )

Link to fic:  Just Ghosts